Friday, October 28, 2011

It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

It was a beautiful morning here in SoCal. Started out around 46° when Hiker and I headed out for our morning walk. By mid morning it was about 65°, sunny and very breezy. Love hearing my wind chimes ringing. I remember Ben used to love the sound of the wind chimes. The one hanging on the front porch is one that he helped me pick out once when we were in northern California. We would always go to The Legend Of Big Foot Gift Shop in Garberville, CA and they had a lot of wind chimes. I told him once that I loved the sound of them but that they were too expensive. He went over and picked one out and said “get this one”, so we bought it. I am going to miss those trips with him. We enjoyed them so much. Hiker sure loves to run around the yard with her tennis ball. She is just so smart. I try to get the ball from her and she will let me start to pet her but then when I start to go for the ball, she takes off like she was being chased by the devil. Then she runs all around the yard and finally flops down on the lawn and dares me to try to take the ball again. This afternoon, I took Hiker for another walk and she is so funny because she is always trying to “herd” people on bikes, who are walking, who are skating and also other dogs because of the breed she is. She is always watching everything and trying to get in behind people and dogs and nipping at their heels. I met a woman on the trail with a yellow lab and Hiker was “working” that lab all over the trail. If you are interesting in reading about Hikers breed, here is a link to Wikipedia about them:
I had sent an email to the people where Ben used to work asking them if they still wanted to receive my daily emails. They are so nice. They have kind of “adopted” me. They told me they want to continue to receive the emails because they feel that my emails keep Ben's spirit “alive”. I hope he knows how much they all liked him. It got up to around 85° here today which is higher than what the predicted.

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