Monday, October 10, 2011

Very Rainy Monday

Forgot to mention in yesterday's daily email that when we were leaving the parking lot of Look Out Point, overlooking Butte Canyon that as I was backing the car up I noticed something on the ground that I just had to get out of the car for and go check it out. It was a folded $20 lying in the ground. I'm assuming someone who had been there earlier had it in their pocket and when they pulled their keys out of their pocket, they dropped it. Well that was a nice “added bonus” for my Sunday. I am so surprised at how well I've been sleeping while visiting my brother. I actually fall asleep before midnight. I am still waking up a couple of times during the night and still having dreams (that I do not remember), but at least I am actually getting some quality sleep. It was raining when we got up this morning, so our planned trip up to Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park was postponed until tomorrow, that is if it is not raining tomorrow. If it is raining, we may have to try to see if there is somewhere else we can go sightseeing. We still drove down to Chico. Went to WalMart, then over to the mall and then over to Big Lots and Best Buy. Headed over to Denny's for lunch. Came back up to Paradise where it continues to rain. I didn't get to take any photographs at all today which bugs me as you all know how much I love taking photographs. Talked with Ron's daughter Darrah on the phone. She lives in northern Nevada, then we watched a movie. Even with the rain it was a pretty good day.

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