Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Tuesday

Got up around 5:45 to let Hiker out for potty this morning. She did #1 but then wanted back into the house. We went back to bed until almost 7:00. I put her outside right away and saw her do #2, so all good so far. I was supposed to go to my grief group today but decided to stay home and spend time with Hiker. Want her to get used to me, her home and her schedule before I leave her for 3 or 4 hours. I have to leave her for several hours on Saturday because I signed up with Linda to volunteer at the annual City Of Santa Clarita Make A Difference Day. Hiker and I went over to Pet Smart. I had to give in and buy her a hard sided crate because last night she decided to break the zipper on her nylon one so I could not zip up the flap if I needed to contain her in it. It got up to 98° here today. Around mid-afternoon, I took Hiker over to our Central Park and walked her around some. She just loves getting out for walks. Kept her in the shade as much as possible because of her short hair. I don't want her to get sunburned. Also took plenty of water for her to keep her hydrated. We sat on the lawn under the trees and she just looked around at everything. She is so curious. There was a park worker driving a tractor across the soccer field with an aerator behind it and she just kept watching his every move. Her “sniffer” was going crazy checking out all of the new smells. When I got her back home, she was tired, so she crawled into her nylon crate that I put in the living room for her and went to sleep. She's still in there and I can see “ZZZZ” above her head (LOL). While we were sitting on the grass in the park, I started thinking about Ben and started to cry. Those crying spells can hit you anywhere and anytime. Sure wish we'd start getting some fall weather.


  1. Hiker is such a good looking dog. Sounds like she keeps you busy.

  2. Kay what kind of dog is Hiker? she's a pretty dog. Is the hair under her tummy blue and white? You will have her trained in know time. Take care. Jean

  3. That training is coming right along. She is really alert to all that is going on around her. Some things she probably has never seen before. She is beautiful. Helen


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