Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not Bad For A Cloudy Tuesday

Went to sleep around 11:15 last night. I'm still having strange dreams (not about Ben though) and then I still wake up several times a night. My guess would be that I'm getting about 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night, but that's better than a few months back when I was either not sleeping at all or only getting about 3 hours of sleep per night. Went to my grief support group today. Went alone as Linda is still sick and DeDee had an appointment. Not very many people showed up for group today. I'm guess it was because of the weather. Even though it is not raining, a lot of people do not like to get out when it might rain. For the first hour, I was the only woman there (except for Judy our therapist), all the men were there though. The second hour, two of the ladies showed up. Even though we only had a few people, it was still a good session because there was a lot of good conversation today. I picked up a copy of “The Mighty Oak” which is the monthly paper the senior center prints and noticed that there was a short article about Linda on the back page. It was about her winning first prize with her recycled plastic bag tote at the Santa Paula Balloon Festival. Got up to 70° here today, felt much cooler though. Sun peeked out a little but stayed cloudy most of the day.

Today's quote:
“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated”~Lamartine

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  1. Glad you are sleeping longer and that you are still finding comfort with your group. Sometimes the smaller the group, the better the conversation. Group dynamics (who is there and who is not) can play a big part in conversation. That fact always intrigues me! I hope you are doing ok. Sorry I don't comment much. I'm trying to find a better balance with my blog buds.


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