Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hiker & I Did Two Walks Today

Hiker was very good with her potty habits yesterday. She still didn't go to the door to let me know, but I would take her out and each time she would pee. She pooped once in the morning and once in the evening. Maybe we are getting a “poo poo schedule” going here (LOL). She totally trashed her plush squeaky toy yesterday. It was one of those long weenie dogs. She had already chewed most of his ears off and I finally took it away from her because I was starting to find parts of ear on the carpet. I didn't want her to swallow the fuzz. Then I noticed that she had chewed open a seam on it and I didn't want her to start “eating” the stuffing. I'll have to find her something she can't rip up so bad. Took Hiker for her normal morning walk of 1.5 miles, had my breakfast (I always feed Hiker before we go). I finally got around to cleaning the small bathroom which I'd been trying to get to since Monday, and then tried to do some training with Hiker. I'm trying to teach her how to come to me. I try to work on the “sit” and “watch me” training that she did last Sunday at her class, but she seems to have trouble with those, or maybe it's me, maybe I have trouble with them. Don't think her trainer will be pleased since there doesn't seem to be much progress. She's been doing very well with her “potty”, but I have to still make sure I take her out every couple of hours because she still does not give me any indication that she needs to go. In the afternoon, I took her over to the Southfork Bike/Walking Trail and she and I walked another 2 miles. She just LOVES to walk. All I have to do it pick up her leash and she is ready to go. Had to take Hiker's Nylabone away from her because she had been chewing on it and later when I picked it up off the floor, I noticed blood on it, so somehow it must have cut her lips of gums. I took the suggestion of my friend Marill and got some of Ben's old socks, put knots in them and now she loves playing with her new “sock toy”. While driving over to Southfork to take our walk, I saw the truck that Ben used to drive for Fast Undercar. I think it was Ben's work friend Dave driving it. Pretty nice day all day. Only got up to about 82°. Linda, Hiker and I are going to try to get out for a hike tomorrow morning over in Placerita.


  1. Sounds as if she is doing great. I had a poodle once that never went inside but when she needed to go she would go sit in front of the door and never make a sound. I learned when she did that she needed to go LOL. When she got ready to come back inside she would sit like that also. Just had to look out for her once in a while. If it was cold it didn't take her long.
    Each dog is different. We have a doggy door here that ours come and go when they want to. That sure helps out. Helen

  2. You certainly for those walk in today. Hiker seems to be keeping you busy.


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