Friday, October 14, 2011

Now It's Just Me & Hiker

Now It's Just Me & Hiker

The first night with Hiker went pretty good. We took her for a 1.5 mile walk after dinner to try to get her to go potty but she didn't so took her out on the patio around 8:00 pm and she finally went potty. I brought her tent crate into my bedroom for her to sleep in. She stayed in it half the night, but spent the other half on the bed with me. Let her out into the yard around 7:00 am and she went potty. We took her for another walk this morning...2 miles this time. Linda came by at 11:00 am to meet Hiker and then she, Keith and I went to lunch. Now everyone is gone except for me and Hiker. I'm a little lonely, but it doesn't seem as bad since I have Hiker here with me. I think I'm going to have to go over to the post office tomorrow morning. I had my mail held while I was at my brother's. I picked it up the afternoon Keith and I got back into Santa Clarita and the postal worker asked me if I wanted to resume my mail delivery and I said yes, but I did not see him pull the hold card out of the box. I have not gotten any mail for 2 days which is very unusual for me, so I think he forgot to take the card out and they are still holding my mail. I went over to Sam's Club to renew my membership and had them take Ben off of the account. Hiker is really good when I have to leave her in the garage. I have an A/C out there for her and she just crawls into her tent crate and goes to sleep.

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  1. I see many miles of happy visits with Hiker in the future:) I'm really missing my dog that passed away in July. I want to get another one; but not just yet... maybe in the spring.


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