Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Monday - Trying to Get Hiker To Do Her Business Outside

I am sleeping better now it seems. Probably because of Hiker being with me. I am having problems with her though. She is continuing to do her business inside sometimes and it's getting very frustrating. I got up this morning around 6:00 and took her outside. She peed but no #2. We came back in and went back to bed until 7:00. We got up and I fed her and before I could get her outside, she pooped on the carpet. I scolded her, which causes her to pee also because she is scared, so I grabbed her and took her out to the yard, but she just laid there with her head on her paws looking up at me because she knew she had done something bad. I got dressed and took her for her walk, but as I've said, she will not potty while out walking. When I got her back home, I took her out into the yard again and she peed and that was all, so we went into the house. I started making my breakfast and I smell poop again and catch her doing it again on the carpet, so again I scold her and she pees all over the place because she is scared. I grab her up again and rush her out to the yard and she just lays there again looking up at me. I'm getting to where I cannot trust her at all. I had to go over to Wal-Mart so I put her in the garage with her nylon folding crate and when I came home, I took her out back with her ball to play and she peed and pooped in the yard. I praised her and gave her some treats, but that does not mean we are in the clear for the house. I have to watch her constantly. I think I need to put her out back by herself and let her stay longer even though the trainer claimed you don't do that with inside dogs. Just doesn't make sense to me. When I was a kid, I had an inside dog and she would go out in the yard and play by herself for hours. Spent some of the afternoon outside with Hiker going over what the trainer showed us yesterday. It was 92° out there, so I didn't like staying out there too long. While out there, Hiker went pee and poo on the lawn and I praised her and gave her treats when she did. I had about a 15 minute cry while on the patio. Just got back from taking Hiker for her afternoon walk. When we got home I took her out into the yard and after about 5 minutes she peed and then about 10 minutes after that, she pooped. Now if I can get her to continue doing it that way.


  1. AS long as she can't escape from the yard, she should be able to stay out by herself. Potty training is very frustrating.

  2. I would say put her out and let her stay in the yard if it's were she can't get out. I have a small dog and I let him stay out most of the day and bring him in at night until last week he scratched out and got bit by another dog are animal I'm not sure and got his back leg broke I'm keeping him in now but take him out ever so often and it can get your nerves, lol. Jett fares okay in at night. Take care wish you luck with Hiker. Jean

  3. Good for her, hopefully she is learning what to do. We have treated ours when they do good and tell them how good they are. They seem to learn when you praise them they have done something good. Things are looking up. Helen


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