Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Sick Of Being Sick

Each day I seem to feel worse instead of better. Not sleeping well so that doesn't help, and I'm not hungry but I've been forcing myself to eat because I know I need to. I really feel so bad for Hiker because she wants to go out walking so bad. Last night she was a “wild dog” because she has not been able to burn her energy off. I got brave and got out of bead around 8:30 am, got dressed, put Hiker in the car and drove over to the Kaiser Pharmacy to pick up my B/P prescriptions and then stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up some cough syrup, aspirin and a decongestant. Felt like crap the entire time I was out. Ran into my friend Sandi Owens coming out of Kaiser. She had been there for her physical therapy. Thought it was very strange...when I got to the pharmacy, there was no one there but me and the pharmacy workers. After I got home, I saw an email from Linda telling me that she could drive me over to the pharmacy while she was out running errands, but by that time, I'd already been there and back. Usually I have to wait in a line. I don't have an appetite, but I've been making myself eat.

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