Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Nice Fall Day

I was so mad at myself last night. I had planned to watch the new episode of “NCIS”. I got all comfortable on the couch and turned it on at 8 pm and then fell asleep about 5 minutes later. Woke up around 8:45 pm, so just decided to go to bed. I'll have to catch it “On Demand”. Hiker and I went on a morning walk. Did just under 2 miles. Did not see that big nasty spider today. He was either out “hunting” or someone got rid of him. Came home and had some breakfast and then went grocery shopping. I decided to buy more groceries than I normally do so I ended up paying about $30 more than I normally do. Was a beautiful fall day but they are saying once again that this weekend we are going to be back up into the 90's. Did a little more housework after lunch and then settled down to watch “Sleepy Hollow” on the “On Demand” channel. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early because I have to drive Jean down to her doctor's appointment at the Kaiser in Panorama City. We have to leave around 7 am because the traffic going down there is terrible. I hate driving the freeways in the San Fernando Valley, but I owe it to her to drive because I have to depend on her to drive me when I have to go to my retinal specialist.

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