Friday, September 13, 2013

Been Running Around

Got up early this morning and did our regular Friday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. We also picked up Patches who belongs to Chris my neighbor across the street because Patched was due for her grooming like Hiker. We let all of the dogs have some play time after the walk. Keith was having some sciatic pain, so he stayed home while I took Hiker over to Jean's house. I usually stay with Hiker when Jean grooms her but today I had to go run some errands. I helped Jean get Hiker into the tub because that's where she has problems with her. Once she is in the tub, she is OK. Went home and got Keith and we went to do my errands. Came back home about a hour later and I went up to see if Hiker was done and she was. She wanted to go home the minute she saw me walk in the door. Keith and I went over to Jimmy Dean's for lunch and the stopped by Wal-Mart to look around. Keith bought a couple pair of slacks and a cool purple dress shirt. Later in the afternoon, we went over to Office Max and Keith bought a new computer attaché. Last night we watched a movie called “The Arrival” with Charlie Sheen. It was pretty good. Kind of strange though. So tonight we are going to watch “Arrival 2”.

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  1. So glad that Keith is there for a visit. I know you enjoy having him visit... Bet Hiker was glad to see you when you went back to get her.

    How is your new Toyota??


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