Sunday, September 15, 2013

Way Too Hot!

We slept in this morning. We had wanted to go for a hike this morning but it was already much too hot. We had breakfast and I went to get my lottery tickets while Keith stayed home with Hiker. We stayed pretty lazy all day because of the heat. We watched a couple of movies on TV and I made us some Arby's knock-off chicken sandwiches for lunch. We played a little Wii tennis, bowling, baseball and golf and then we decided to take Hiker for a ride in the car. She was acting really bored and I felt sorry for her. We try to play inside the house with her when it is this hot outside. We took a drive up through Soledad Canyon, across through Agua Dulce and then down Sierra Highway and back home. I sure won't miss this hot weather when it finally decides to leave us.

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  1. I don't like "hot" either, Kay! I hope you get the cool-down you need real soon.

    Have a good week coming up~ Andrea


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