Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Felt A Little Like Fall

Actually got up at 6 am again this morning. Finally slept pretty good last night. I think I was tired from walking around the Reagan Library all day yesterday. I had a computer problem last night so I was up early and researching how to fix it, and I actually found the solution and got it fixed. Hiker and I went for a 2 mile walk around 7 am. It was so nice outside this morning. Felt so much like fall. It was only 58° this morning but it did warm up into the low 80's by the afternoon. The local weather people say we are going to be really hot again this weekend, but hopefully, fall weather is on the way. Keith may be here for a visit this weekend. I have not mentioned it to Hiker because if something happens Keith gets called to work, Hiker won't be disappointed if he doesn't show up. I know that sounds funny, but Hiker understand when I tell her he is coming for a visit and she starts watching for him. My friend Ed, who was Ben's best buddy, is coming up from Pomona tomorrow to go to lunch. It's always nice to sit with Ed and talk about Ben, because Ed knew him for over 35 years and it's fun to share stories about Ben.

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