Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hard To Believe That Tomorrow Is Labor Day Already

Slept in this morning. It was just too hot and sticky to get up and go for a walk. I let Hiker outside just before 6 am and it was 76° with 79% humidity. One thing I will say though, this humidity has made for a beautiful sky. Dark blue with huge white fluffy clouds. Great sunrises and sunsets. Had breakfast and went to get my lottery tickets. Left Hiker at home even though she was begging to go with me but it was way too hot to leave her in the car even if it would only be for 5 minutes. Came home and did a little bit of housework to get it out of the way and did my laundry. Since I had a big breakfast this morning, I skipped lunch and Hiker just about had a fit. She is so used to my routine that when I don't do something she thinks I'm supposed to do, she paces and barks at me. Since Time Warner offered me a free movie, I decided to watch “Olympus Has Fallen” and it was very good. If you don't like blood and guts, don't watch it. I decided to take her out for a ride in the car since I didn't take her with me this morning. We drove up to Canyon Country Park and walked around a little, but it was just too hot and muggy so we came back home. But at least it satisfied her because she got her car ride. She got up on the sofa a fell asleep when we got back home.

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  1. Hey Kay,
    I know what you mean about "muggy", my husband and I went for a walk the past two mornings and we almost melted in the heat. Really, that is what it felt like!
    We were rewarded by the yellow daisies on top of Stone Mountain though, I will do a post about them soon! Take care and stay cool.


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