Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slept in just a little bit this morning. We stayed up until 11 pm last night watching the season finale of “Under The Dome”. I wanted to go out for a nice breakfast this morning so we went over to the Saugus Cafe. I had not eaten there in over 15 years. I think Ben and I went there for lunch one time when we first moved to the Santa Clarita Valley. This cafe is very historic and has been used in movies and on TV. It was much cooler this morning that it has been for the past several mornings. By 10 am it was still only 75° instead of 85° like it was last week at that time. The are saying we will have a slight cool down, then it will warm up for a day or two and then it will cool back down again. I hope that means the Fall weather is coming. I actually pulled my covers up on me last night in bed. We put Hiker in the car and drove over to Pico Canyon Park. I wanted to show Keith the area for a possible hike when we finally get cooler weather. Keith left for home around 1 pm. Hiker was whimpering a little bit when he was driving away. It was about 10° cooler here today, but it was still 91° outside.

Here is a photo of Pico Canyon Park

Here is a link where you can read about about the Saugus Cafe.
Saugus Cafe

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  1. The CAFE sounds intriguing. Glad you had a lovely day.


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