Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Day At Support Group

Headed over to the Sr. Center this morning for my support group. Found out the reason for the parking lots being closed last week...they were filming an episode of “NCIS” there and one of our group ladies got to see Mark Harmon. I told her that if I had known Mark Harman was there, I would have parked in a no parking zone to see him (LOL). It is one of my favorite shows and he is such a hunk. Was only 45° here at 6 am when I let Hiker outside to go potty. I'm so glad that fall is finally here. Had a pretty good session at group today. Had a full house and then some. Had lunch at Cathy's Deli after group and had some good discussion there too. Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, my neighbor Jean and I are going over to our local pumpkin patch (Lombardi Ranch). I go there ever year to take photographs and to see their “Scarecrow Alley”. Should be fun.

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  1. I like Mark Harmon too. Have fun at the pumpkin patch.


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