Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Partially Wasted Day

Today was my day to go over to the Senior Center for my support group, but when I got there, both parking lots were closed. They had people at each driveway stopping us from pulling into them. I drove up and down the street and there were “no parking” signs in some places and the rest of the street was totally parked up. I drove around for about 15 minutes trying to find a place to park, but never did, so I just decided to head back home. I stopped and called DeDee because I knew that she was on her way over to the Sr. Center and wanted her to know that there was nowhere to park so she also decided to turn around and go back home. They had been repaving the parking front parking lot and had us park on the back parking lot for a few weeks, but they were done with the paving, so I have no idea what the heck they were doing this morning. On my way back home, I stopped by Best Buy to purchase a new cordless phone for my home. My old one was not holding a charge on its battery anymore and I checked into buying a new battery and they cost almost as much as buying a new phone, so I opted for the new phone. Hiker was surprised to see me back home so early. She was jumping all over me and kissing me. I spent a lot of the afternoon setting up the new phone, putting my contacts in it and connecting it to my Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect box. Was about 84° here today but for some reason it felt hotter than that. I need to get out tomorrow morning when it's cool to do some yard work and then I should go over to Wal-Mart.

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