Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Very Rainy Day

Jean and I had planned to go to the Lombardi Ranch Pumpkin Patch today, but when I got up at 6:15 am, it was extremely dark and cloudy outside. By 8:15 am, it was starting to rain so I called Jean and said I didn't think the pumpkin patch was such a good idea. Decided I'd wait for a bright sunny do to go over there to take my photographs. I asked Jean if she wanted to go to Anna's Linens with me since I need to buy a new comforter for my bed. It was raining a little when we first left but by the time we got do Mission Hills and to the store it was pouring. They had said we were only going to get about a 10th of an inch, but we got way more than that. After we left Anna's Linens we came back to Santa Clarita and we went to Kohl's where I bought a Snoopy plush toy and a Charlie Brown plush toy because they were only $5 each and the entire amount of money goes to Kohl's Cares to support kids health programs nationwide. Then we went over to Bed, Bath & Beyond, but didn't buy anything. Had lunch at Wienerschnitzel and then headed home. It was raining so hard the entire time we were out. When we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond, it was raining so hard on their roof that it sounded like it was hailing. After we got home, the sun started to peek out but it quickly went back behind the clouds again. Hiker thought that the Snoopy and Charlie Brown I bought were toys for her. I put them on my bed and she immediately jumped up on the bed with them and started checking them out. I had to make her leave the bedroom and close the door because I was afraid she'd start dragging them around the house to play with them and that she would tear them up. Was very happy to see the rain even though it was just a tiny bit, it was better than no rain at all. We really need the rain here. Everything was so dry. It is cold and windy this afternoon. 55° right now.

Hiker thinks my Snoopy & Charlie Brown are her new toys.

Here are the two comforter sets I bought today. I got these pictures from Anna's Linens website.

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  1. LOVE the comforters. Beautiful colors. I wonder how long it will take Hiker to make those plush dolls, toys.


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