Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nice Lunch With Retired Girlfriends

Stayed in bed until 7 am. Had to get up and get ready to head up to Palmdale to meet with my retired Lockheed girlfriends at the Sizzler for lunch. DeDee Parenteau called me early this morning to tell me that she was not feeling very well so she would not be going to the lunch. I was wondering if she and I ate something at Backwoods Inn yesterday that did not agree with us because my stomach was bothering me when I went to bed last night, but I was fine this morning. Sandi Owens rode up to Palmdale with me. There were 8 of us in total there and as usual, we had a great time. Judy Holdt brought another toy for Hiker. Every time she sees me, she has a toy for Hiker. This time it was a “sling-shot” duck. I gave the bag to Hiker when I got home and she immediately put her head into it and pulled the duck out and started running all around the house with it in her mouth. She loves to hold toys in her mouth and shake her head. Sometimes it flies out of her mouth and she doesn't see where it goes so she has to search for it.

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  1. Like that new toy of Hiker's. Glad you got to be with the girls.


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