Monday, October 14, 2013

Visit To The Shelter

Got up early so Hiker and I could get ready for our Monday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. Only about 45° outside at 6 am when we got up but it is supposed to get back up into the 90s here this week. The wind started kicking up when the dogs were out back playing. Went up to Sam's Club after Jean and the dogs went home. I bought one of their yummy rotisserie chickens. The are so tasty and only cost $4.88 for a whole chicken. I share it with Hiker for dinner one night and then sandwiches during the week. After lunch, Hiker and I went up to “New Leash On Life” which is the rescue shelter I adopted her from. Since I bought my new comforters for my bed last week I asked them if they would like to have the old comforters for their dogs and of course they did. They wanted me to bring Hiker up for a visit, so she and I headed up there. They were so happy to see her. Diane who was the woman who took care of Hiker while she was at the shelter was there and I think Hiker remembered her. Hiker is very famous at the shelter. They have a picture of her on the wall in their lobby and she is on all of the fliers that they hand out and post. They also told me they use her picture in their advertising, which I knew because I had seen her on their website a couple of months ago. It was a beautiful day outside, in the high 70's and sunny. The wind was still blowing a little, but not as hard as it was earlier this morning.

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