Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Group Today

Went to my support group at the Senior Center today. Had a very interesting session. Had 2 new people come and several people started some good discussions. After group 6 of us ladies went to Backwoods Inn for lunch. We had some good discussions there too. We got talking about ancestry and a couple of the ladies told us stories about their wedding day. Always have such a good time with my “sisters in grief”. I stayed away a little longer than I normally do and Hiker had a little accident when I got home because she was so excited to see me, should could not hold her bladder. Thank goodness she did it on the hard floor and not the carpet. I made her go outside to “finish” and then she helped me take the trash bins out to the curb and she walked up to the mailbox with me. Tomorrow I will be going up to Palmdale to meet up with some of my retired Lockheed girlfriends for lunch.

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  1. You are lucky to have these groups to get together with.


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