Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still Raining

So when I was at the retinal specialist's office yesterday and told him about how I was now also having problems with my left eye (my right eye is the one I've been getting the injections in), he gave me a booklet to explain what is going on with my left eye. What I have is a Retinal Tear. There is a pocket of fluid behind the retina. There are many reasons that can cause a tear in this pocket, two of which I fit into. Nearsightedness and aging, The tear causes the fluid to leak into the man part of the eye behind the retina and that causes the “floaters” which is what is causing my problem. It's always something. It rained off and on all day yesterday and all of last night and today the sun peaked out now and then but it continued to rain all day today too. I have to remember to go over to my neighbor Sharon's house this evening and feed her dog Sammy and her 3 cats and let Sammy out to potty. I hope it's not raining when I have to go. By the way...if you are on Facebook, make sure you go to the link below and vote for Hiker in the cutest dog contest I entered her in. You can vote once a day from now until Marcy 20th.

If you are on Facebook, make sure you go to the link below and vote for Hiker. I sent her picture in for a Cutest Dog Contest.



  1. Hope the tear in your eye heals. I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't vote. But I hope she wins.

  2. PS) I tried to vote anyway and couldn't get the link to work.

  3. We are going back in to deep freeze with ice and snow.
    My floaters did clear up, hope yours will to.


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