Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Day In SoCal

Up early this morning to go on our dog walk with Jean and her dogs. Was a little chilly out and very dark when we first got up. After Jean left, Hiker and I went up to Sam's club so I could get gasoline in the car and do a little shopping. Came home and then I flushed my water heater. I try to do that twice a year to hopefully make the heater last longer. Figured I'd better get it done today because Wednesday, the city is turning our water off most of the day to do some work on our distribution system. After lunch, Hiker and I drove up to Vasquez Rocks County Park and went for a nice hike. Another beautiful day here in SoCal. When we came home, I no more than walked in the door and my phone rings. I see that it says “Private Number”. Well I know that when some of my friends who have their phone number blocked from view that “Private Number” shows up on my caller ID so I answered it. I guess the telemarketers are getting even smarter because they have already found a way to create bogus phone numbers when they know we are screening our calls from them, so now I guess they have started blocking their number to make you think that the call is from someone you know. I answered it and this guys says “Hi Mrs. Waggoner” and I said “Who is this?”. He says “It's John Harris. We spoke in January about doing some constructions work on your house”. Well I knew that I had never talked with him before because I have no construction work planned, so I said “Oh no you didn't” and I hung up on him. They think they are so tricky trying to make you think you talked with them. They must think we are all senile.

Hiking with my fur baby


  1. I hate telemarketers. Scammers, indeed.

  2. Keep a whistle by your phone and before hanging up, give him something to think about before doing it again...they do think we are senile...and good for you for hanging up on him...there is nothing more irritating, except maybe all the political junk.
    Phew, just blew off some steam...sorry bout that. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Love to hear from you.


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