Saturday, March 29, 2014

Still Shaking A Little

Jean and I went over to our city's annual Emergency Expo this morning. We love getting the free goodies they give away, plus talking with the fire fighters, police officers and other city first responders. Also they have all kinds of contracts at the Home & Garden Show inside the Hyatt Hotel to talk too, problem is, they are all so hard core sell that you have to keep telling the NO! We got some free ball point pens, some free lip balm, free hand sanitizer, free water saving shower heads and free folding dog water bowls which will work great when Hiker and I are out walking and hiking. Everyone at the Emergency Expo was talking about the earthquake last night and they were handing out a lot of information about what to do during and after a quake and how to make an emergency kit with food, water, etc. I've had one of those kits ever since our big 6.7 quake back in 1994. Keith was supposed to be coming up for a visit this weekend, but he texted me saying he couldn't come because his back went out on him last night. I feel for him because I know how much my back hurts when it goes out. Both my brothers and I have those same back problems that recur every now and then. After getting home from the Emergency Expo, I started feeling lazy. Dozed off a couple of times. Had planned to do several things with Keith but since he was not able to come for the visit I just vegged out the rest of the day. I had planned to make baked garlic salmon for dinner for Keith and I, but it looks like Hiker is going to get a salmon dinner instead...minus the garlic seasoning on hers of course. Felt a 4.5 magnitude aftershock from yesterday's quake around 2:30 pm. The weather people say we are supposed to get some rain tonight and more next week. Doesn't look like rain at all right now.

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  1. The salmon sounds good. I just had my back go out on me a month ago. It feels terrible, I know. Hope your brother feels better soon.


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