Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still Cloudy And Gray

Hiker and I slept in again this morning. It was still gray and cloudy so it was a good day to stay in bed for awhile. I watched “Gravity” last night. I thought Sandra Bullock was very good in it. She is one of my favorite actresses. I also thought that the special effects were fantastic. I felt like I was up there with her. I don't go to theaters, so I watched in on Time Warner On Demand. I also noticed that they now have “Nebraska” showing so I'll have to check that one out soon. Some of you were concerned because I stated that I have a “retinal tear”, which is not actually true. I called it that by mistake. My doctor told me that I just have floaters and that they would eventually move out of my central line of sight, but that I might continue to get them. He actually called it a "fluid tear", not a "retinal tear" and he said it is a very normal and common thing for people my age and people who are nearsighted. I called it a "retinal tear" because of the information I had read when researching my symptoms before I read the brochure he gave me. My doctor did say that my problems was not what was in the brochure, but he wanted me to read the brochure and watch for the symptoms that are in the brochure because if I notice any of them, he needs to know immediately. He said the leaking fluid can cause a retinal tear or detachment, but that I do not have that as of right now. I should have read the brochure first. I know if it was anything serious, he would have done something about it right away. He is a very good and well respected retinal specialist. Since it was cloudy and cool all day, Hiker and I stayed inside. Had a fire going in the fireplace and watched the last season of “Bates Motel” on A&E to get caught back up since the new season starts tomorrow night. Drizzled a little more this afternoon.

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  1. Glad you are able to relax and watch some TV and movies.


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