Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warm Sunday

Went to bed a little after 9 pm but for some reason could not go to sleep. I think I finally dropped off after 1 am, the along comes Daylight Saving Time so I lose another hour of sleep. Hiker woke me up at 7 am, which would have been 6 am if not for DST, so I let her outside and then fed her. The sky was beautiful when I looked outside. Then she and I went back to bed and didn't get up until 9 am (8 am standard time). I do not like this change in the time. The one in the fall is not bad, but this one is so hard for me to get used too. It takes me days to get into it. Had some breakfast and then took Hiker with me to get my lottery tickets, then came home and took the sheets off the bed and washed them. Also washed my heavy winter comforter and replaced it with my lighter summer comforter. I've been thinking about getting a new mattress and box springs. The Cal King bed is so hard for me to change and the sheets are harder to find and cost more. I may go back to a Queen size. Hiker and I went for a short afternoon walk. It was just a little under a mile, but at least we did get out and walk, making it 5 days in a row that I have walked. Was warm outside, about 85°.

Here is a photo of the sky here this morning.


  1. That sky is gorgeous. I know what you mean about daylight savings time. I slept in this morning too.

  2. I so dislike it when "they" mess with my clock too! Whose idea was all this anyway... and is the idea still relevant to our lifestyle today? Sometimes I wonder!

    My husband has a king-size bed (not CA king)...(and yes, we do sleep in separate beds now... we're old enough to have gained the privledge *haha*).... and it takes up so much room in that bedroom!! It's ok if you have a gigantor bedroom but most people don't.... so the king-size bed takes up almost all the space. A couple dressers & a nightstand & the room is filled.

    I sleep on a double-size bed... almost a queen but not quite. It's perfect, if you ask me, and it leaves a lot of space in the bedroom also.

    Happy mattress hunting!


  3. What a beautiful sky.. I slept in a little later too.. But, it was too nice of a day to sleep too long.. I am sure Hiker enjoy all the walks this week. Have a happy week ahead!


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