Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Overcast Tuesday

Went to my grief support group this morning. Didn't have as many people there today as we've been having. Went to Jimmy Dean's Grill for lunch with a few of the ladies after group. The weatherman had said we were going to be in the mid-80s today, but we've had high, thin clouds all day and only hit the low 70s. It actually felt cooler than the thermometer read. Hiker was very playful when I got home...more so than she usually is. Guess she missed me more than normal. Tomorrow the city is turning our water off between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm to do some work on the pipes or something. My neighbor Jean has some appointments in the morning but when she gets done, she may come by and pick me up for us to go to lunch and do a little shopping. We figured since the water will be turned off that we need to spend most of the day out.


  1. It got up to 62 here today. Tomorrow we are expecting 6 inches of snow. It's nice you are going out with your friend while the water is turned off. ENJOY!

  2. *haha* Hiker looks like she's saying: "Yes, Mom, let's spend most of the day out tomorrow!!!" :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your lunch & shopping day today, Kay. We're in the middle of another snow storm. This one's been called "Vulcan". Where DO they come up with these names???!!!



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