Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Group Day Tuesday

I got up just before 6 am this morning to let Hiker go outside. When she was done, we sent back to bed. I turned on the TV local news which I normally do. I usually doze off a little but I can usually still hear the news in the background. This morning I feel totally back to sleep and was shocked awake by my alarm clock. Went to my grief support group today. No one new joined us today but we still had a full house. We were all discussing the Oscars and giving our opinions on the stars, etc. After group, 5 of us went to Sizzler for lunch. I just got home awhile ago. Hiker “helped” me put the trash cans out by the curb and then she walked up to the mailbox with me. Tomorrow morning I have to head over to Kaiser (the local one) to my annual checkup with my primary doctor.

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