Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Busy Day

The wind started blowing early last evening and howled all night. Hiker and I got up a little earlier than normal because I wanted to be able to wash up the breakfast dishes and brush my teeth before they turned the water off. I filled up a couple of buckets so I can flush the toilets if need be. Jean picked me up just after 12:15 and we headed out for lunch at Boston Market and then we went to Best Buy to recycle some electronics and then over to PetCo. Jean had to pick up a rug at JCPenneys that she ordered online and then we went to Kohl's. I bought 3 t-shirts and got them for $20 with my 30% discount. Then we headed over to Payless Shoe Source for Jean to buy some shoes and stopped at Walgreens so I could buy a new pill organizer. Just got home around 4 pm. Busy day.


  1. Sounds like fun doing all that shopping.

  2. It sounds like a busy and productive day. I love Boston Market, but I haven't been there in a long time.


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