Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Hot Day - Had Lunch With Group Girls

Up around 7 am, had some breakfast, gathered up all of the trash in the house to put out in the bins for curb pickup tomorrow.
Was not as cloudy this morning when we got up, but it was still hot and humid.
Met the group girls over at Marie Calendar’s for lunch. Only 5 of us there today. The services was VERY slow and it didn’t appear that they were that crowded.
Got home around 2:15 pm. Later than normal when I met up with them.
It was 102° on my patio when I got home, so I put the trash bin out by the curb, went up and got my mail and then hurried back inside the house where it was nice and cool. Hiker wanted to walk up to the mailbox with me, but I told her the street was too hot for her little paw pads.
Where did June go?

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  1. I can not believe it's July? You're right where did June go? Thank goodness you didn't let Hiker out. Her little paws would have been scorched, for sure. I thought Marie's was only in the frozen food section at the store. Did not know she had a restaurant.


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