Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Personal Weather Station

Last night we watched a movie on Amazon Instant Videos called “Déjà vu”. It stars Denzel Washington. I had heard of it but never thought it would be very good, but Keith had seen it and he told me he knew for a fact that I’d like it, so I gave in. Glad I did. It was really a good movie.
Got up around 7:30 am and had some waffles for breakfast.
I didn’t mention it yesterday, but Keith helped me to install a weather station in my back yard. I bought it on Amazon last week and we put it up yesterday morning. I was having a lot of trouble at first trying to get it to upload to Weather Underground, but this morning, we finally got it working. I can report the temperature, the wind speed and direction, the humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, precipitation and UV rating.
Now I can give a really good report to CBS2 Weather Watchers.
If you are into weather and would like to follow my weather station on Weather Underground, you can look for it at Blue Sky (KCASANTA502) or click on the link below.
After hanging around the house for a while, Keith and I headed over to Carl’s Jr. and had lunch.
Hiker kept thinking she was going to go with us, but we could not take her when we went to eat, plus when we got back home, it was already in the 90’s, so it was too hot for us to go out walking anywhere.
Keith headed home around 1:30 pm. Hiker always mopes around for a while after he visits and goes home. She misses him.
Have a busy week ahead. Monday is our dog walk with Jean and her dogs, Tuesday, I meet the group ladies for lunch, Wednesday I’m going over to the Auto Club to renew my car registration. Thursday looks pretty empty, but Friday Jean takes me to my retinal specialist for an office visit and Friday evening I can check to see if I have to report for Jury Duty on the next Monday. I sure hope I don’t have to go. Jean said she would take care of Hiker if I have to report, but I hate to leave Hiker all day because she hates to be away from me for too long.

Blue Sky Weather Station

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  1. We have a weather station here too. They are loads of fun. Lots of data. Will check out your weather link. Glad you and your brother had fun. Sounds like your week ahead is busy, indeed. Poor Hiker will be lost without you if you have to be gone all day.


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