Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good Lunch - Great Company

Took me a long time to fall asleep last night, even though I was falling asleep on the sofa before I went to bed. I had planned to get up around 6 am, have breakfast and then head over to Sam’s Club, but I was too sleepy. I still got up at 7 am.
Didn’t go to Sam’s Club. Decided I’d go tomorrow.
Don’t know where the morning went. I was messing around on the computer. I had finally gotten my email fixed after calling Time Warner and talking to a tech. What’s funny is that neither one of us figured out why it started working. The tech was going through her “step-by-step” book having me change some settings and that didn’t work, so she told me to put them back to what I originally had an suddenly, the email was working. She was as surprised as I was.
I was also having some problems with my Microsoft Office program. All of a sudden it was not letting me open some of my files. It was saying they were corrupted. I was in a panic on those because some of them are very important. I disconnected my external hard drive and suddenly Office started working again. I reconnected the drive and everything was fine again.
I think I must have had “computer poltergeists”.
Went to Backwoods Inn and had a nice lunch with some of the grief group ladies. I love them all so much. Always good conversation and a lot of fun.
When I got home, Hiker and I went out and sat on the patio for a while.
My brother Ron called me and we talked for about 30 minutes.
Mid-80s here today.

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  1. Computer problems always throw me in a tizzy. Glad you figured out yours and got them fixed. Lunch sounded good. Sitting out on the patio sounds relaxing.


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