Friday, June 5, 2015

Hiker Did Not Have A Good Day

Got up early for our dog walk with Jean. Hiker woke me up at 3 am making that noise that dogs make just before they throw up. She got off the bed and went into the living room, so I followed her. She had spit up a little bit of slim (no food) and she was acting scared because she thought she did something bad. I always tell her that she can’t help it when she throws up and that she’s OK.
I tried to get her to go outside, but she didn’t want to. I sat in the living room with her for a while to make sure she wasn’t going to throw up more. After about 15 minutes, we went back to bed and she was OK after that.
But then we went on our dog walk. We met up with Shelly and her dog Toby in the park. About ¾ of a mile from home, Hiker suddenly started limping really bad and holding her back right foot up. She stop and sit down to lick it and she kept shaking it. We all looked at her foot to see if she had a sticker or a piece of glass or something, but we could not see anything. She kept limping and stopping to sit down, so we decided to head back home. She acted like she could hardly walk, so Shelly, who is much younger than me, picked her up and carried her almost all the way home.
When we got home, we all checked her foot again and none of us could see anything wrong, but Hiker kept licking her paw pads. Shelly is a physical therapist, so she sat Hiker down and checked out her hip and the bend in her leg. Shelly stretched the leg slowly and rubbed it, then we soaked Hiker’s paw in water and Epsom salts.
She was still limping a little bit, but she never did cry or yip when she put weight on the leg and foot and she didn’t cry or yip when we were checking it out. After everyone left, I gave her a chewable baby aspirin.
I kept an eye on her while I fixed us some breakfast and I watched her walking around the house and she seemed to be limping less.
After breakfast, I put the items I want to try to sell at our community yard sale tomorrow into my car and then put Hiker in the car and we went over to Jean’s house because I try to sell my stuff at her house and she puts her car in my driveway. Hiker stayed inside with Jean’s dogs while we sorted things for the sale. When I went back into the house, Hiker ran up to me and jumped up at me, so I think her foot/leg is OK.
I am watching her closely and will probably soak her paw in the Epsom salts again and maybe give her another baby aspirin later.
I did a load of laundry this afternoon since I’ll be busy with the yard sale all day tomorrow.
Don’t know what happened to the rain they kept saying we were going to get today. The sun was out early this morning and stayed out all day. The temps got up to the high 70’s.
Hiker and I have to get up around 4:30 am tomorrow morning and try to get over to Jean’s house by 5:30 am. The yard sale starts at 7 am, but we have to get everything set out on the driveway (it’s in her garage now) and some people start coming around 6:30 am.


  1. Poor Hiker. I wonder what happened? first she was sick and then she had trouble walking. I hope she's feeling better soon. Will be thinking of her tomorrow.

  2. Poor Hiker. Hope the day is better today! Good luck with the sale today!


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