Thursday, June 4, 2015

Very Cloudy Day

Fell asleep right after I crawled into bed last night. That’s unusual. We decided since we didn’t have any plans for today that we’d sleep in until 8 am, but I only got a little bit of sleep because Hiker kept wanting me to get up.
After a little breakfast, Hiker and I went out and bought my lottery tickets. Had planned on taking Hiker for a walk after I vacuumed the carpet, but my heel was hurting me quite a bit, so decided not to go out right then.
After lunch, I took Hiker with me up to the post office. I had several HP empty printer cartridges to send back to Hewlett Packard to recycle. I get prepaid postage envelopes from them that they pay for to send them back.
Noticed that the kids over at the school near me got out of school early today. They were roaming all around just outside of the school grounds. The closer it gets to them getting out for the summer, the more days off they seem to get.
Thought again about going for a walk with Hiker, but my heel was still bothering me quite a bit, so decided to rest it.
They are still saying we may have rain tomorrow morning, so don’t know if Jean and I will be able to walk the dogs, but I know I have to take some items over to her house for our community yard sale on Saturday. I sell my stuff from her yard and she parks her car in my driveway.
It stayed overcast here all day and in the low 70s.

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  1. sorry to hear your heel is still hurting. hope your community yard sale goes well tomorrow.


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