Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finally Got Out For A Walk

Well it appears that whatever the problem between my email and my brother’s email was, it is now fixed. I had contacted my provider (Time Warner) via their Facebook page on Sunday and they were looking into the problem. I got a call from Time Warner this morning. They were calling to see if we were still having the problem because they had not been able to find anything at their end that could be causing the problem. They basically told me that sometimes if too many spam/junk mails start coming from a specific server going to another server, like say from my server to Ron’s server, the server will automatically block everything coming from that server for a while. So it sounds like Comcast blocked everything coming from my Time Warner server. He said that when it happens, people on the blocked end should call their provider and have them check into it.
Hiker and I got out of bed around 7 am this morning. I had to go do my grocery shopping, so I wanted to get started early. When we first got up, it was still very cloudy outside, but by the time I went shopping and came back home (around 8:30 am), the sun was out.
I had considered taking Hiker for a walk when I got home, but it was already almost 80°, so it was too warm. I’ll try to get out with Hiker earlier tomorrow morning.
After lunch, I noticed that a cool on-shore sea breeze had come up, so I decided to take Hiker over to Central Park for a walk. We did almost a mile and a half. My heel still hurts a little, but not as much as it did before. Besides wearing the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Orthotic shoe inserts, I also purchased a night splint. I don’t wear it in bed. I wear it in the evening before I go to bed while I’m watching TV. The inserts have really helped my knee. I have not had any knee pain for a couple of weeks now.

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  1. Glad to hear your heel and knee problem is improving. thank goodness the email situation has been resolved. That was nagging at you, I know. I bet Hiker enjoyed her walk.


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