Saturday, June 20, 2015


Well when I checked online last evening, I was told that I have to report for jury duty Monday at 9:30 am. I noticed that in the instructions it said that all jurors must be prepared to report either to San Fernando or to Santa Clarita. I’m hoping that once I get down to San Fernando, they will send me back up to the Santa Clarita court house, then I could check up on Hiker at lunch time.
I finally saw one of my weather reports on CBS2 this morning. They didn’t show my picture this time, but they did show my name.
Had some breakfast, paid a bill and then did a little house cleaning before it got too hot. Trying to get it done in the mornings while it’s still cool.
Hiker and I were lazy all day. Too hot to go out for walks, so we just vegged on the sofa and watched TV.
Last night while lying in bed, I got to thinking about me being away from Hiker all day at jury duty. Originally I thought it would be best to take her over to Jean’s house for the day, but Jean goes to play cards at the Senior Center on Monday’s and she’s gone for about 5 hours, so Hiker would be left alone with Jean’s dogs, whom she loves, but it’s their house, not hers. When she is in my yard playing with them, if I go into the house for something, Hiker completely ignores Jean and her dogs and sits on the porch by the door watching for me to come back so I have no idea what she would do at Jean’s house without me there. She doesn’t like me out of her site for even a few minutes. Jean’s dogs have a doggy door to go outside. Hiker doesn’t know how to use doggy doors. Also, Jean has nothing but dirt and a brick patio in her backyard and Hiker does not like to potty on hard surfaces. She prefers grass. So I called Jean and told her I’d rather let Hiker stay here in her own home, where she might feel more comfortable with her own things and asked Jean if she would drop by on her way to the Senior Center and give Hiker a couple of treats and take her out into my backyard for potty. Jean told me I worry too much, but Hiker is my baby. I have never been away from her for more than 4 or 5 hours since I got her. Am I being crazy? Hiker holds her potty all night (9 or 10 hours), so I know she will be fine if Jean lets her out in the middle of the day.
Very hot her again today. I’m afraid it’s going to be this way all summer long. I hate the heat.

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  1. Worrying about Hiker while you are gone is a normal natural thing. I wish you luck with jury duty. Hope you get what you want.


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