Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost Ready To Go

Have packed everything, washed the car and filled it up with gas, put suitcases in trunk. Now all I'm waiting for is my brother to get here in a little while, put his stuff in the car and then we will be all ready to head out first thing tomorrow morning.
Will take us about 8 hours to drive up Interstate 5 to Paradise, CA. It's a long boring drive as there is not much scenery on that highway. But my brother and I love to visit so we'll talk and enjoy our time. We also listen to a radio station up in the Central Valley called KingsRadio which plays "nostalgia" music from 1945 to about 1965. Some of the songs we've all but forgotten about when we hear them.
Hopefully I'll be able to log on to my laptop through my brother's router and be able to get on line so I can post on my blog while I'm up there. Otherwise, I'll have to see if my brother will let me log on to his computer for a little while.

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