Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Coming?

It's been cloudy and gray all day here in SoCal. They say we are going to get 1" to 2" of rain from our first rainstorm of the season. We need the rain, but if we get too much, it will cause mudslides where the resent fires burned last month.
I had to light the pilot for our central air furnace today. The furnace seems to be working OK this year. Last year we had to call the Gas Company to come and put a new thermal couple in it. Two years ago, we had a plumber put a new thermal couple in and it cost us almost $400. Last year when we tried to light the furnace, it would not stay lit so we called the Gas Company. They came out and said the thermal couple we had gotten the year before had gone out again. They installed a new one for around $56. Obviously the plumber ripped us off the year before.
I had planned to go over to Lombardi Ranch today, but since the sun was not out, I decided against it. Lombardi Ranch is a family farm in Saugus, just over the hill from us. Every fall they have a big pumpkin patch and a corn maze, plus their Scarecrow Alley. I love to go over there and shot fall photographs. Maybe I'll get to go another day this week.

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