Monday, October 26, 2009

Blood Work Day

Had to go over to the Kaiser Lab this morning and have blood work down before my appointment with my doctor next Monday. The lab is only about 4 miles from my home, so that is nice, and the technician there is so friendly. Today I mentioned to her that I would be seeing my new doctor for the first time next week. She told me that he is really nice and really listens to his patients. My new doctor is in the same building as the lab, so he is only about 4 miles away too. When I first joined Kaiser last year, there were no doctors taking new patients at the facility near me, so I had to sign up with a doctor over in the big Kaiser facility across the valley. That doctor was nice, but he kept suggesting that I try to get a doctor at the facility nearer my home so when I saw this young doctor was taking new patients, I called and had them make him my PCP. His nurse called about a month ago and said I needed to come in for an office visit and she scheduled the blood work. I don't take cholesterol meds as they give me muscle cramps and cause fatigue, but they always run a complete lipid panel on me.

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