Friday, October 23, 2009

Foreign Coins

I am so tired of getting foreign coins in my change when I go to the store!
Most of the time, if it's a penny or a nickle, I let it go, but not today.
We went to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. I always pay cash and my change was 84 cents. The guy at the register hands me 3 quarters, 4 pennies and a foreign coin with a big "5" on it. It looked like a "toy coin" or a "token" for a game.
For some reason, it just struck a nerve today and I told him I wanted a "real" nickle instead of the "phony" one he just handed me. Well he had already closed the register drawer and they always tell you they cannot open it again until the make a sale. I think he thought I'd say "OK, we'll just let it go", but I didn't. I told him I'd wait.
So many times I've received foreign coins in my change without realizing it until I get home and then when I try to pass it off to another store, they will not accept it.
I stood there and waited for the next customer but she paid with a credit card, so once again, the guy at the register told me he could not open the register drawer. Again I said "I'll wait". Well, there were no other customers in line, so he had to go get a supervisor to come over and open the drawer. They were both mumbling about it when they handed me an American nickle, like I was being a bitch or something.
THIS IS AMERICA! Why should I accept a foreign coin that I would have trouble passing on? The stores should look at the coins all of these foreigners hand to them when making a purchase and the stores should refuse those foreign coins.


  1. I only accept English pounds or coins...but sadly are neber given any in my change ;)
    I understand your frustration.
    Love your Autumn colors on your photoblog, the decorations on the porch are so sweet.
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Kay, I understand your frustration and I agree. I see them sometimes but rarely. But don't blame it all on foreigners, many times it people like me. When we go to Baja Mexico I usually get pesos and use them instead of USD. I wind up with a lot of change. While I try to keep it separate sometime a coin or two gets mixed in with my US coins. I usually look when I give someone change but it's possible for one to slip through. Most of it probably comes from returning tourists.LOL.


  3. Well Judy, now I know who to blame it on (LOL). You are right, it could be American tourists. I think the one I received the other day was just a game token and not really even a foreign coin.

    Guess my rant was a little overboard, but for some reason, it just ticked me off that day.



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