Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood Work Results

Started getting the emails with my blood work results from Kaiser last night and the final result email came early this morning.
My cholesterol and triglycerides are the highest they have ever been. I admit that I have NOT been watching what I eat. Since I cannot tolerate the cholesterol medications, diet and exercise are the only way I can lower my numbers. When I was very first diagnosed with high cholesterol, it was 305 total. With diet and exercise, I was able to lower it to 265, which is the lowest it will go without medication. Mine is genetic, so it is even harder to get the numbers down.
In January 2005, I weighed 205 lbs. By October 2005, I had lost 45 lbs, but then gained back 5 lbs right away and it leveled off and stayed at 160 lbs for about 3 years.
I gained back another 10 lbs because I stopped watching my diet and I'm sure that is why my cholesterol levels also started going back up. Right now my total cholesterol is 326.
I go to see my new doctor this Monday and I know he will be all over me about my numbers. I know what has caused it and I am determined to start watching my diet once again and trying to get out and do more exercise.
Will just have to wait and see what happens.

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