Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember These?

Do you remember Formica topped kitchen tables and chrome and vinyl chairs? I think we all grew up with them. The one in my mom's kitchen when I was growing up was gray and it was oval shaped. We did not have a formal dining room, just a "dinette", but the Formica table sat in the corner of our very small kitchen. I don't know how five of us (my parents, me and my two brothers) all fit around that little table in that little area, but we did.

We were not allowed to have the television or radio on while we were eating at the table with the family. This time was set aside for discussing school, my dad's work, etc. and of course for eating our meals.

My mom had that table up until the time my dad died and all of us kids had moved away. She replaced it with a small wood table.


  1. We had one like that yellow one except it was larger with 6 chairs. Helen

  2. Yes we had one at one time when I was growing. I think the top was white with the speckles or whatever it was in the top and the chairs I think were light blue. Sheila


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