Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got Started Early

I got started early today.
As soon as Ben left for work, I headed over to WalMart. I wanted to pick up a bottle of Bayer Heart Health Advantage. I was told by several on-line friends that they or someone they know was using Centrum Cardio Multi-Vitamins to help lower cholesterol. I started checking it out on-line and came across the Bayer Heart Health Advantage. The Centrum Cardio has phytosterols plus vitamins and minerals. I'm already taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, so I saw that Bayer Heart Health Advantage has nothing but the phytosterols so I decided to get it instead and give it a try to see if it will help me to lower my high cholesterol.
Picked up a few other things at WalMart too....a couple of DVDs....."Mamma Mia" and "Bruce Almighty", a new bath mat and some mouthwash.
When I got home, I drove over to our Central Park and did a 1.4 mile walk. The weather is beautiful outside today. Started out at 37 degrees this morning, but now it's in the 60's and the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Just beautiful.
Well, need to go check out my friends on NOTH and Facebook.

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