Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do You Remember.....

Wringer Washing Machines?

My mom had one. She did not have to wheel it into our kitchen like the photo below because we actually had a "service porch" inside the house, between the kitchen and the bathroom and the "service porch" had a big sink in it. Funny we did not call it the "laundry room".

Anyway, I remember my mom washing the clothes in the tub and then having to wring the water out of them manually with the wringer that was connected to the top of the washer. Guess they didn't know how to make the tub spin the water out of the clothes back then. I remember the towels and clothes would come out all flat and hard, like a piece of wood.

Mom would put the "pieces of wood" into a laundry basket and carry them outside to the clothesline in the back yard and hang everything on the line to dry in the sun all day.

This is what our clothesline looked like.

Then, after the laundry was dry, it had to be ironed. But you could not iron the wrinkles out of everything unless you used a "sprinkle bottle". This is because they did not have steam irons back then. It was any bottle you had, like a soda pop bottle and you bought funny little corks with holes in the top that you would put in the mouth of the bottle and the water would sprinkle out from the holes.

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  1. My mother and I both had a wringer washer, a sprinkler like that also an outside clothesline.


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