Thursday, October 1, 2009

Windy Thursday

It's very windy here in SoCal this morning. Went for my morning walk and thought I'd get blown away! But I love the wind as long as it is not destructive. I brings back memories of when I was a kid on Halloween. It was ALWAYS windy on Halloween night here in SoCal, windy and warm. October brings our "Santa Ana Winds" but that also means it brings brush fires. It was two years ago this month that Ben and I had to evacuate our home because the hill half a block up the street from us was on fire. That was really a scary time for us.
Anyway, I'm sitting here with the front door open, listening to the wind and watching leaves blow by. I'm also thinking about all of the last minute things I need to remember tomorrow before my brother Keith gets here to spend the night so he and I can leave early Saturday morning for our drive up to Paradise, CA to spend 5 days with our brother Ron.

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  1. Hope you don't have any big fires near you this October, Kay.

    Enjoy your trip with your brothers.


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