Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Well, my brother Keith and I will be headed back down to SoCal first thing tomorrow morning. Had another great day with both of my brothers. We went over to the Paradise train depot museum and walked along the "TrailWay" which is the old path of the railroad right-of-way that used to run through the middle of Paradise, CA. They don't have trains here anymore, so they took the tracks up and paved the right-of-way for a walking/biking trail.
Then we went over to take photos of Feather River Canyon, then over to Billie Park and hiked the path to the lookout point to take more photos of Butte Creek Canyon, then Keith and I hiked down the path that leads to the Grotto while Ron waited for us up above.
Went out for Mexican food at lunch and then came back to the apartment.
I'm not looking forward to the long, boring drive home tomorrow, but I am looking forward to seeing my husband (Ben) and sleeping in my own bed again.
Here are the links for my videos on YouTube and for my photos on Fotki.com







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