Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eye Exam

Went for my every-2-year eye exam today. Found out I have "the beginnings of cataracts" or "Baby Cataracts' is what the eye doctor called them. She said that I didn't have to worry for awhile because they are just starting. My older brother is going in for his cataract surgery consultation tomorrow, so it's a little strange that I was diagnosed with beginning cataracts today. I always thought that cataracts were genetic. Neither of my parents had them, but the eye doctor told me that EVERYONE gets them sooner or later. So I guess a few years into my future, I will have to get surgery for them. I sure will not look forward to that since they keep you awake when they do it. Cannot stand the thought of seeing a scalpel heading for my eyes. Been drizzly here in SoCal most of the day, but it's been no way the huge storm that they kept telling us we were going to get, unless we get more overnight.

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  1. Hey.....what's going on out there with all the mudslides and rain!!??

    Stay safe......LindaMay


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