Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remember drive-in movie theaters?

I heard awhile back that the Skyline Drive-in in Barstow, CA reopened after being closed since 1987.

It’s nice to see this icon coming back. I have a lot of fond memories of the Edwards Drive-in Theater in Sunland, CA.

My younger brother worked there as an usher so he could get me and my friends in for free. I always enjoyed the movies more at the drive-in than I did at the walk-in theater. I could wear my jammies to the movies. Never cared for the food at the snack bar, so when Ben and I were dating, we would stop by “In-N-Out Burger” to pickup some food, drive over to the drive-in, eat and then relax and watch the movie. Sometimes it got very cold in the wintertime, but in the summer, we’d open up the windows and let the summer breeze blow through. When I owned my Chevy El Camino, we’d back into the parking space and have chaise lounge pads in the back. We’d bring lots of pillow and sit in the back of the truck to watch the movies.

Those were the “good old days”.


  1. They recently tore down the last drive-in movie theater in San Antonio but the left the old front there. They intend to buid a library and some other things in it's place.

  2. Hi Kay, YES---I remember Drive-In movies/theaters. LOVED them --growing up in VA. AND--when I was dating my boyfriend, we'd go to alot of drive-in movies. So much fun!!!!

    Betsy--From my laptop in Georgia

  3. My great uncle started the first walk-in movie theater in my hometown, then a couple of drive-ins. The screens were still there the last time I looked but there is a church in the 'concession stand' now. When we lived in Kansas we had a drive-in that we went to quite often. It had two screens. We enjoyed them too. My kids got to go some but they don't remember it...They have built a four screen one about an hour from my hometown and they named each one after a former theater and one was named after the one in my hometown... Take care, Sheila

  4. I worked at the Sunland Drive in in 1954 in the snack bar and usher. I had a 1939 plymouth turtle back coupe, and we would stuff the trunk with the guys. in 1950 as 12 year olds we would sit behind the fence and they would put a speaker down on the ground so we could hear the movie


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