Monday, November 14, 2011

A Busy Monday

Hiker slept good again last night. I guess running her around until she is “pooped” is what does it (LOL). She woke me up around 6:00 am wanting her breakfast though, but that's better than at 5:00 like she was doing. It was a busy day. After I made breakfast for myself and my brother Keith, he and I went over to the Social Security Office so I could apply for my SS benefits after my 62nd birthday in January and also I changed my direct deposit information for Ben's SS that I am receiving now and for when I start receiving my benefits next year. We were gone for about 1 1/2 hours which wasn't too bad I guess considering that we got there just before 9:00 am when they open and there were about 5 people in front of me. Of course I won't start getting mine until March but at least it is all taken care of now. When we got home, we took Hiker for a 2 mile walk. We had to leave her in the garage while we were at SS and had promised her we'd walk her once we got home so we did. I had to do some emails about my direct deposits and bank account changes with my investment adviser and with my attorney, then Keith and I went over to Sam's Club and had lunch and then did a little shopping. I got Keith a complimentary “family” members card on my account since Ben does not need a card anymore. Temperatures got up into the low 70's today and it was really nice outside. Keith left to go home around 1:15 pm and as soon as he left, I felt lonely even though I have Hiker with me. I'm still waiting to hear back from the main office of my community about taking Ben's name off of my land lease and putting it in my name only and I'm also still waiting to hear back from Kaiser about their decision on whether or not they are going to pay the $2000 to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital that I keep getting billed for. I have received 3 statements from Henry Mayo so far and I'm afraid if something isn't done soon that they will send it to collections. Kaiser had told me they would contact Henry Mayo and tell them that they were reviewing this bill however, I do NOT trust Kaiser for much of anything anymore. I called both Kaiser and Henry Mayo Hospital today and once again got voice mail for both of them and had to leave a message. I received a call back from Henry Mayo and they said Kaiser had NOT contacted them to tell them that they are reviewing this bill, that figures. But Henry Mayo also told me they have sent me 2 statements when in reality I have received 3 from them, but the woman who called insisted they had ONLY sent out 2. She told me all that she can do is to put a note on the bill saying that I called and told her that Kaiser is reviewing this bill but that she cannot put a hold on it. Hopefully, I'll hear from Kaiser soon so I know what their review results were.


  1. Hope you can get the bill all straightened out soon. It can be a real hassle with things like that when someone dies and being alone to try to solve it doesn't help.

  2. I'm so sorry you're having such a hassle, Kay... hope everything works out for you soon.

  3. I left a comment but it disappeared when I clicked post. I hope it turns up again.


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