Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waiting For The Wind

Went for a morning walk with Hiker and then I went out and put everything that I could from the patio into the garage and what could not go into the garage, I put in the far back corner of the patio. They say the wind storm is supposed to start hitting us around 9:00 tonight and last through Friday sometime. I'm hoping it's not going to be as bad as they are predicting because I worry about wind damage to the house, like losing the roof. I sure am glad I have my lawyer. I took her the paperwork the community sent to me when I asked to have Ben's name taken off of my land lease and a copy of my current lease. She said that the paperwork they sent is NOT the paperwork that would do what we asked them to do, in fact she said that if I filled that paperwork out and signed it and sent it to them, it would cancel my land lease and since they did not send me a new one to sign, she told me to just ignore the paperwork and leave Ben's name on the lease. She said since my name is already on the lease, it should not matter if his name is on it or not. She said if the community's main office calls me again about it, to tell them that she advised me to just leave the lease as is and if they have a problem with that, for me to tell them to have their "legal department" call her. She said they probably don't even have a legal department. Took Hiker on a second short walk this afternoon. It's still not windy, just a little breezy.


  1. I hope the windstorm isn't going to be as bad as they are predicting. If it is bad- hopefully your house will stay in tact!! Very nice post!! I enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. Hope all is going well. I am not fond of high winds either! At least nothing tornadic there I hope. Is this a Santa Ana wind type thing? Take care.

  3. I hope you don't have any problems from the wind. Praying the weather folks are wrong on this one. You and Hiker take care, Sheila

  4. Glad you had the lawyer check it out first. Good move. Hope the wind isn't destructive. Take care and give Hiker a hug from me.


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