Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Did Today

Much warmer this morning when I took Hiker for her morning walk. It was 50° instead of 30° like yesterday. The reason it was warmer is because we had some light Santa Ana Winds blowing. While walking home from the park this morning something made me very sad. There was a woman, probably in her 70's, in her night gown wandering around the park calling her dog's name (Sophie). The woman was crying and told me that she lives in my community and the gardeners came yesterday and left the gate open. The woman didn't know that so when she let Sophie out to potty this morning, Sophie took off. Someone had told the woman that they thought they saw Sophie in the park near the dry river bed, so the woman was down there looking for her little dog. I almost started crying with her. I know that I would be sick if that happened to Hiker. We called the dogs name but she never showed up. I just hope the coyotes don't get her. The woman said that Sophie is smaller than Hiker. Today is Ben's brother's birthday. Happy Birthday Lanny. Was busy all morning re-arranging the computer room/small bedroom so that I can get the chair bed soon. I need to start going though closets and drawers and eventually go through the garage and get everything clean and organized. Also think I got my 10-speed bicycle sold on Craig's List. I have a lady coming over tomorrow afternoon to look at it. I have not used it in over a year so I've decided to just get rid of it. Got up to about 70° today but didn't really feel that warm because it was pretty windy most of the day.

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  1. I hope the lady found her dog. It is turning colder here today. Ken and I went and got our flu shots today. Hard to motivate around using just a trekking pole. I hurt my back two days after Ken came home from having surgery in the hospital in Oct. I have used the walker ever since. Poor Ken had to get better and has been cooking what little cooking that gets done. Helen


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